What exactly does double down mean

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to engage in risky behavior, especially when one is already in a dangerous situation. This figurative usage as appearing in the Oxford English Dictionary is a meaningful explanation of “double down” other than the ubiquitous “to double the wager in exchange for only one additional card in Blackjack gambit” in every online dictionary.

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Buzzword of the Week: Double Down - AOL Finance

When you get your first two cards, you have the option to double your bet and you will receive exactly one more card. It is usually a good move to double down when you are dealt a hand that totals 11 or 10. For more details, you can read the following link: http ... Double Down In Blackjack & When To Use It! The reason for this is so that the dealer does not mistake your double down for a desire to split the pair. The actions for doubling down and splitting are exactly the same, so always tell the dealer you are doubling down when you have a pair. If you are playing ... Buzzword of the Week: Double Down - AOL Finance

Buzzword of the Week: Double Down - AOL Finance

What does double down mean in blackjack? Double down - Double your initial bet following the initial 2-card deal, but you can hit 1 card only. A good bet if the player is in a strong situation. Double down: a brief history of the most meaningless Sep 27, 2012 · "Double down." An expression that has its roots in gambling has now become the go-to phrase for tech CEOs when they want to allay fears that their company is … When to double down in blackjack and when not to - SFGate

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This means doubling the bet or risk for the chance to double the payoff.My advice is simple: Know when to double down and maximize your opportunity for a big payday. What’s the point of playing if you’re afraid to make the aggressive move?

Urban Dictionary: double down Top definition ... Did you see the line of fat people outside of KFC when the Double-Down was first ... Man, I could really go for a double down right about now. Double Down | Definition of Double Down by Merriam-Webster